Wednesday, July 25, 2007

For the first time I thought it was a lie, but I searched through the internet (watched various videos on various video sites - e. g. BBC reports) and found out it is totally legit. Working discipline of these sites is the following:

Some organizations pay these sites big amounts of money to advertise their services and products. It is their business now how they are going to make people visit these organizations' sites. Believe or not, the best way to do that is to give away presents. They get enough money
for the presents and to stuff their pockets, too. I believe it works well, because my close friend already got lots of these presets, and I would like to get some too, so I'd like to ask YOU to help me and yourself to get some of these cool free gifts, too.

So here are the things you have to do:

1. Sign up for an account on the later mentioned site(s) - as my referral, if possible! Please!
2. Select your gift!
3. Complete an offer (for free or for about 5$)!
4. Refer your friends (the required number of)!
5. If you have the required number of referrals, receive your free gift!

It's easy! Kind of time consuming, but it is worth the time! It works best for US and Canadian residents, but it is possible for everyone on this planet! ^^
These sites offer gifts to people from all around the world, tested by my friend with positive feedback, so i recommend these ones: at registration referral id = 90572676

Those sites are glad, when each member signs up individually - they have to send less gifts! Don't let them have that kind of joy so don't waste those referrals pls!
So please use these sites with the given referral IDs!

NOTE! Only referrals with 1 full credit (offer(s) completed) count as completed referrals!
Some explanation to the sites:

CustomOrderThis - this site is the most reliable site - they are quite friendly and you can talk with the support team easily - best site to go!!! I will write about this site in detail.
Somethin4nothin - relatively new and kinda friendly site with more possibilities for getting the free gift and with a lot of offers:

- points - this site isn't about referrals - there you can complete various free offers for credits - these credits can be exchanged for the gifts. Referrals mean you get 10 % of each of your referrals' points.

- gaming - same system as CustomOrderThis (so i won't go into details)

Xpango - kind of a great site with a big deal of methods for getting your free gifts: promotion (selling their products on eBay), clix (not completely free), advertising, offers and of course referrals. I won't detail this one - the site is quite self-explanatory + too much possibilities.

CustomOrderThis claims (you may see it on their page by clicking the Show radio button):

1. Choosing your free gift and opening a new account

Choose a gift from the actual offer (you can ask for a custom one, too). After that you will be asked for your e-mail address. It is important to type in a valid e-mail address (only if you want to really receive your free gift).

Choosing your gift:

Starting your registration:

2. Completing the registration

Type in your details - everything must be valid in order to receive your free gift! Make sure you see my referral number in the upper right corner of the registration page (if not, click again on my link in this tutorial)! Thanx!

This is your Status page:

3. Completing some offers

You must have 1 credit in order to start collecting referrals. For this, you must complete at least 2 free offers!
There are some paid offers (or money back offers), too, but the most of them are really cheap (and may even
worth one full credit!! so completing one offer is enough). Select an offer (you can sort them by various aspects). You must then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the offer. After the given time you'll get your credit (I would recommend to empty your cookies before an after each offer! Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Clear Now, IE6: Tools -> Internet Options -> Generals -> Delete Cookies)

4. Final Steps

You can now start collecting your referrals - tell your friends and relatives about this great opportunity and give them your referral link as I did!

Again: Only referrals with 1 full credit (offer(s) completed) count as completed referrals!

If you have any questions or problems, the support team is glad to help you!

If you have met the requirements, you can Order your free gift (By clicking the Order tab)!

It is easy as 1-2-3! Try it for yourself and see! And don't forget to help me with that too in exchange for this tutorial!

I repeat:

Those sites are glad, when each member signs up individually - they have to send less gifts! Don't let them have that kind of joy so don't waste those referrals pls!

And if you sign up for the other sites too, you will have a bigger chance of getting your free gifts, because your friends can get you some referrals on all the sites and one friend can get you only on referral per site (more sites = more referrals = more gifts)!

10Q for reading this tutorial! Have a good time with your free gifts!